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About the Site

Welcome to True Adventures in Money Hacking, your source for everything you've never wanted to know about managing your money.

Has the desire to stop living with three roommates and eating Ramen noodles begun to outweigh the desire to avoid putting any thought into your financial future? Do the phrases price-to-earnings ratio, income-expense report, and annual percentage yield make you want to run screaming? Yeah? Then you've come to the right place.

TAiMH proposes to make managing your finances easier and hopefully a little less mind-numbingly boring for those of us who have better things to do with our time than crunch numbers.

Here you'll find organized and easy-to-understand information on things like bank accounts; credit cards; student loans, debt management techniques; investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and annuities; 401(k)s and IRAs; making and sticking to a budget; and a whole slew of tips and tricks for saving money in your daily life. Learn creative ways to be frugal with DIY projects, thrifty recipes, and inventive ways to upcycle for everyday savings.

Take a look around, check out the blog, and let us know what you think. If you have any money hacks of your own, send them in. Also, feel free to contact us with questions or ideas for additional content. Getting mail makes us feel important.

TAiMH is not run by trained financial advisers. We aim to provide information rather than advice. You may want to consult a professional before making any major financial decisions.

We like trees. If you print anything from this site, please use recycled paper and recycle the printout when you're done with it. In fact, we like all plants and animals (except perhaps thorn bushes and wasps), and you might notice many of our money-saving ideas also help save the planet by conserving natural resources and/or recycling, reusing, or upcycling material that might otherwise be dumped in a landfill. We like to think we're double-tasking and saving more than 1 kind of green here.

About the Authors

My name is Wren. This is me.

I'm a book designer, poet, DIYer, musician, vegetarian, general punk rocker, and I'm sure a bunch of other stuff I'm not thinking about at the moment. I live in Costa Rica (at the moment) with 3 very cute boys; two of them are feline.

This is MDT, the non-feline one. He writes for TAiMH sometimes, but not often enough. Tell him that. He doesn't listen to me. (Too busy scorin' goals! he says.)

This is Esmie. If there were an award for cuddling, he would get it. Sometimes he bites the tails off geckos.

And this is Ed. Ed hates being cuddled, told what to do (How dare we ask him to get off the kitchen counter?), or otherwise disturbed. He most enjoys chasing moths and biting Esmie on the butt.

While not technically authors, he and Esmie do provide necessary support services for the blog, such as clandestine recipe tasting, durability testing for the DIY projects, and much needed encouragement and humor.

You can contact me at TAiMH [at] live [dot] com.

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