Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The future, at least for the blog, is bright.

Exciting and new stuff coming soon to an irreverent (and possibly irrelevant) little blog. This is what we got in store for the kiddies:

1. New content for is being added (almost) daily. There's loads of info there now.

2. Guest/co-blogger mdtrudeau (MDT for short--'cause I'm a lazy typist. See! I didn't even want to type "because." Of course, I know what you're thinking--that all this explaining of my lazy typist attitude is just making me type more and so the whole thing has backfired. Ok, fine. You're right. Whatevs.) ANYWAY what I was saying is that MDT has posted his first blog for TAiMH (there I go again...) and it rocks.

3. As most of the content (though it's a continuously evolving/growing site) is up at ToBP (I just can't stop. I'm on a roll.), I will be getting off my lazy blogger butt and getting down to some serious, you-ain't-seen-nothin'-like-this posting. That's right. Just you wait.

4. (Related to #3) It's nearing tax season. I just got my first state document, that's how I know. Hence, I feel as though I should devote some blog space to talking about filing taxes. Obviously I can't explain everything in detail because dudes go to school for that stuff, you know? But all the same, I'll do what I can.

5. (Related to #4!) In the early planning stages is a section on the main site all about taxes! Isn't that exciting, kids? Taxes! Everybody loves taxes, right? They're so fun and quick and easy to file! OK, I'd better stop or I'll soon be drowning in my own sarcasm.

6. Wondering where the actual money hacks are? Don't worry, they're on their way. Very soon, I promise.

7. I don't have anything else. Just thought 7 was a good number to end on.

Peace out! and thanks for reading!

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