Friday, May 15, 2009

I am the Queen of Free


List of things I got free this morning at Bay State Bike Week's Bike Breakfast:
  1. 2 bakery-fresh whole wheat rolls
  2. 1 bakery-fresh everything bagel
  3. 2 bakery-fresh corn muffins
  4. 1 bottle of purple PowerAde
  5. 2 huge oranges
  6. some sample Clif bars that I will pass on to MDT since they're banana bread flavored. Yuck.
  7. a bag of surprisingly good caramel corn
  8. a vegetarian breakfast burrito
  9. a yogurt and granola fruit parfait made with Bare Naked granola and Stonyfield Farms yogurt. Awesome.
  10. randomly, 2 brand spanking new copies of FridayBeth Kobliner's new book (NY Times Bestseller) Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties--which I will selflessly pass on to our beloved readers--look out for a giveaway in the next day or two.
  11. a new water bottle
  12. 2 reflectors
  13. 1 blinky safety light
  14. 1 tire gauge
  15. 1 mini-tire gauge on a keychain
I didn't make out too badly considering I missed the convoy from Allston because I was too hungover to wake up on time. See below for the explanation as to why I got drunk enough to have a hangover on a weeknight. Seriously, I can probably eat all weekend on this stuff. Normally, I wouldn't like if people threw food at me, but when they give me a bag to put it in and it's delicious...


So Thursday night, Jane and I had a fabulous time being fabulous lushes at StyleFixx Boston's Girls' Night Out. For obvious reasons (cough-we're broke-cough), we usually don't attend these sort of soirees, but we got a mad deal from Groupon--$10 for a ticket that includes 5 free drinks. Now that's about a third of what you'd normally spend for 5 drinks at a Boston bar (not including tips!), and even if we didn't get 5 drinks, we usually spend way more than $10 on a night out. Why not, right? Besides, we were looking for an excuse to get dolled up.

List of free schwag from StyleFixx:
  1. Red vinyl tote bag from Lola.
  2. sparkly pink lip gloss
  3. purple liquid eyeliner
  4. 4 cans of Bustelo Cool (delicious espresso beverage)
  5. a bunch of Lindt chocolates
  6. a huge can of salon moisturizing hairspray
  7. a big tub of vitamin C hair and scalp mud mask
  8. some high-heel scuff protectors
  9. weird stick-on nightime wrinkle remover patches
  10. various coffee, cake, and brownie samples from Finale (the highlight of the evening, as far as I'm concerned)
  11. a dumb magazine and a bunch of coupons for high-end salons that are still too expensive for me to ever visit
Tada. Not bad for less than 24 hrs.

Take notes, kids.

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