Friday, June 19, 2009

Don't Blow it: Tips for Father's Day

Now you’ve done it. You’ve gone and let Father’s Day sneak up on you again. Summer is starting and getting to the beach or spending all afternoon cooking the perfect [insert delicious food here] has really been a distraction the last few weeks, and you totally forgot that you should probably get the old man something. You’ve put it off until the last minute, and you have no money because the ingredients for the perfect coleslaw don’t come cheap. (Yes they do. Who am I kidding? I spent that money on beer.) What’s a TAiMH reader to do?

OK, the facts are these: Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 21, 2009. (That’s right you have two days.) You like the pater familas enough to show him you appreciate all that time he spent with you helping you make the perfect derby car or whatever. You have no money. Your dad/stepdad/grandfather/uncle who took care of you, etc., does not want a tie from the Salvation Army.

Here are your options:

Borrow money from your mother. TAiMH does not endorse lying to your mother or using guilt tactics of any kind to get money. You are an adult. Seriously, do you have no shame?

Reallocate gifts from other family members to indicate that they came from both of you or just you. I have never done this. Neither should you. Ahem.

Do his chores/yard work/an activity he in someway dislikes. Suck it up. You have no money, but we all have sweat equity.

Volunteer for his favorite charity. This won’t work for everyone, but if the old guy has a soft spot for Habitat for Humanity or anything like that, telling him that you’re going to commit to X number of hours might really be touching.

Cook for him. Is there something that your father loves that no one else can stand, or that the significant other in his life refuses to cook for him? I bet he’d love it if you sautéed him up some butter beans.

Write him a letter. Sometimes we forget to tell the people closest to us just what they mean to us and that they have influenced our lives. A lot of guys pretend they don't like the sap factor, but I bet they'll appreciate it (as long as no one's looking).

Happy Father’s Day.

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Quiddity said...

I have a really good relationship with my dad, I swear, but all he got was a Hoops and YoYo ecard, and even that was free because they had a day a week or so ago when all of their cards were free to send. I set it up to be delivered this morning.

He's 1000 miles away so doing chores for him will have to wait til the next time we visit. At which point I will get my husband to do chores for him. ;)

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