Monday, July 27, 2009

Garden Update: 5 weeks after planting

Just a quick update on the garden. Things have perked up a bit, especially since we had a massive weeding session and then covered the empty ground between the plants with dried grass clippings from the lawn mower. These effectively rid us of the need to weed since the weeds can't get enough sunlight through the dried grass to grow. Why didn't we think of that sooner?

The tomatoes are finally taking off. Tons of flowers and probably twenty or so baby tomatoes are growing now.

The tomatoes.

The cucumbers are taking off also. Literally, I mean. They're all over the place!

Cucumbers. Lots of blossoms and 6 mini cucumbers. They look like spiny baby gherkins.

The swiss chard is doing better, but not well enough to eat yet.

The bean plants are coming along fairly well. No beans, but they're starting to get some blossoms.

The carrots are slightly more visible. That's all I can really say for them.

Most of the pepper plants are doing really well, and we've got a few peppers growing already.

This pepper plant, however, isn't looking so hot. Not sure what its deal is.

Too late to weed in the watermelon patch. I've no clue if there are actually baby watermelons in there. I figure we'll see them when they're big enough to eat at least.

A very overgrown watermelon patch.

We must have about a hundred habaneros growing on our two plants. It's ridiculous. And they're huge! We've got bags full and no idea what to do with them all.


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Nedekcir said...

How I wish my garden looks like this after 5 weeks. With all the rain and cold weather I don't think I'm getting much this year. Have a nice week and enjoy your garden.

Wren Caulfield said...

Thank you! Where do you live that you're getting cold weather still?
I'm hoping for more rain and warm weather here. The plants love it and I do too!

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