Sunday, July 5, 2009

Garden Update: Time and Money Spent So Far

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In the interest of seeing how economical and efficient my gardening endeavor is this first year, I've been keeping track of everything I spend that is garden-related. I haven't been marking down all the time MDT and I spend working in it, but I can estimate.

I think we've done pretty well, though as I mentioned last post, we've been lucky to have my dad nearby to lend us equipment.

Initial Expenses:
Seeds (cilantro only): $.65
1 pot with 5 watermelon seedlings: $1.99
1 large orange bell pepper seedling: $1.99
1 flat of 6 small bell pepper seedlings: $1.89
2 flats of 6 tomato seedlings (12 total): $3.78
1 large bag of sphagnum peat moss: $2.10
Total: $12.40

Borrowed supplies:
garden rake
sledge hammer (for hammering in tomato stakes)
gardening gloves: 2 pair

Found supplies:
old wood for garden border
old wood for tomato stakes
5 bricks

Time spent:
Planning, preparation, and planting time: 3.5 hrs
Feeding, watering, and weeding time (approximately 30 min every other day, since 6/13) = 5.25 hrs
Total (first 3 weeks): 8.75 hrs

I love the time I spend in the garden. It doesn't seem like work to me at all; it's really calming and peaceful. I feel so much calmer now than I did in Boston. MDT says he feels the same way. I never understood why people enjoyed actually working in the garden before. Pretty cool.
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