Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hello October, goodbye summer vegetable garden

So, the garden's pretty much done. There are still a ton of smallish green tomatoes on the vines, but they're growing pretty slowly. Since MDT and I are leaving for Costa Rica next week (!!!!), we might have to just eat a bunch of fried green tomatoes before we go.

The peppers are slowing down too, but there are still several growing, even a few red ones, which is surprising since it's been so cool lately.

The compost pile, on the other hand, is doing fantastically. We've been mixing in ashes from the fire along with the usual food scraps, coffee grounds, and grass clippings.

In fact, the compost is so fertile, apparently, that things we don't plan spontaneously grow from it, e.g., this tomato plant that apparently grew from a miscellaneous clipping thrown in the pile sometime this summer. Pretty cool, but a bit late. It's even flowering!

I'll leave you lovely readers with part of our dinner tonight: green beans from the garden (frozen since we had such an abundance last month). Yum.

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kk said...

Your green beans look very large and healthy! Congrats on your green thumb!!

Wren Caulfield said...

Thank you!

SavingDiva said...

I'm so jealous! All of my vegetables died!

Wren Caulfield said...

Oh, how sad! What happened to them?

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