Monday, October 5, 2009

TAiMH hosts The Carnival of Money Stories!

Welcome to The Carnival of Money Stories #22!

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Happy autumn, everyone!

Here in St. Louis, fall is in full swing. Trees are turning colors, leaves are nearly covering our lawn, and the weather is cool enough that we need a fire in the early mornings. October is my favorite month not just for these reasons but also because 1) my favorite holiday takes place in October and 2) MDT's birthday is this month. And while I'm perhaps more excited about his birthday this year than he is (he's nearing the dreaded three-oh), we've got the added excitement of moving to another country just a few days later. Sadly, this means we'll miss Halloween; Costa Rica doesn't really celebrate it, we understand. Maybe we'll dress up and scare the neighborhood children anyway, though—just for fun. ;)

On with the carnival!

Editor's Picks:

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Tyler presents How to Waste Time, Money, and Resources Building a Compost Tumbler, or a Lesson in Simplicity posted at Frugally Green. "A project is not just something to keep you busy. It's also a means to an end. Without a thoughtful and specific objective, the means can get awfully foggy and the end can be less than useful. When I first began my journey into sustainability, I built a compost tumbler that taught me a lesson about simplicity that has transcended more than just my environmental goals."
MDT and I are crazy composters. We just started composting this summer, but let me tell you, it's addictive! We just have a big pile near the garden that we turn over on a rare occasion, but when we first started composting, we did a bunch of internet research on the best way to do it. Well, the internet is packed full of people trying to sell ridiculously expensive compost tumblers or plans for ridiculously expensive compost tumblers. Thankfully, we were just plain too poor to afford one, and I fully agree with Tyler on this one—a simple pile works just fine.

NtJS presents Cloth Diaper Update posted at not the jet set. "Yesterday someone asked the Mr. and I about using cloth diapers and how much we saved from using them. I had to admit that I had not looked at the numbers for awhile."
Now, MDT and I don't have kids (yet . . . haha), but I think using cloth diapers is a fantastic idea and Not the Jet Set has gone to the trouble of making a freaking spreadsheet to show how economically advantageous a choice it is, nevermind it being clearly a superior green choice. Well done!


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Madison presents Give Yourself an Allowance to Control Spending and Save Money posted at My Dollar Plan.

Accountability presents Helping Family Members Out of Debt Again posted at Out of Debt Again. "A story about my family and lending a helping hand. In my family, it's usually best not to, unfortunately."

The Financial Blogger presents Going Back to the Basics of Personal Finance; Making a Budget for a Single Income Household posted at The Financial Blogger. "I had previously been able to master my tendency to procrastinate and kept my budget up-to-date for 3 years using Microsoft Money. The official date that I stopped was November 2008. This is when I started basement renovations. Money was flying out the window and I had decided to 'let go.'"

Mr. Credit Card presents My First Credit Card posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

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Peter presents Managing Your Money Is An Exercise In Both Mathematics And Psychology posted at Bible Money Matters. "Find a balance between making analytical decisions, and allowing your emotions to play a role, and you’ll be on your way to success."

J. Money presents "Would You Rather?" Case Study - Less Money, More Time posted at Budgets are Sexy. "Would YOU take Fridays off for a 10% paycut? A friend is pondering that same thing right now."

FMF presents An Example of How One Couple Paid Off Their Mortgage posted at Free Money Finance. "Great (and creative) story of how one reader paid off his mortgage."

Paul Kamp presents Bad Attitude, Las Vegas, Retirement, Caution, Risk, American International Group, Gambling Bias, Rationality posted at Don't Quit Your Day Job - Personal Finance, Economics and Investing. "What can you learn about saving for retirement from a poorly planned trip to Las Vegas? For starters: what not to do!"

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Carrie presents The Night I Left A 155% Tip posted at Carrie... On The Cheap.

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Mrs. Accountability said...

Hi! Hey, I thought the carnival was someplace else last week. I could have sworn I looked at another site on October 5th and didn't see my story there, no wonder!! Anyway, sorry for the confusion, because I usually come by and thank the host for putting up the carnival. Thank you! I know it's not an easy task, and I do appreciate your hard work. I will post on my blog about the carnival here, even though it's a week late! Thanks again!

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