Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick Hack: Candle holders from bottles and cans

Last week the electricity kept going out, sometimes only for a few seconds, sometimes for several hours. I never did find out what was going on, but I found myself in need of candle holders, ASAP. And so I found another way to upcycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

What you need:

These are both super quick and super easy.

Aluminum Can Candle Holder
  1. Carefully remove the tab from an empty can and cut around the can about an inch from the top.
  2. Recycle the bottom portion or reuse it, for instance, as a planter.
  3. Push the flap back up to create a flat surface on top.

  4. Flip the can top over and carefully fold in a couple centimeters of the edge, towards the inside, so that it doesn't have sharp edges.
  5. Set a tealight inside and you're ready to go.

  6. These also float, so if you feel like being fancy, you can make a bunch and float them in a large bowl, preferably glass for the nicest effect.

Plastic Bottle Candle Holder
  1. Cut the bottle roughly a third of the way from the top.
  2. Turn the top section upside down and insert a candle in the cap. If it doesn't fit snugly in the cap, drip some wax around the base until it's stable.
  3. Pour a few inches of water in the bottom section for stability.
  4. Insert the top section, upside down, with the candle into the bottom section. The water should not be high enough to touch the cap.
  5. Light and enjoy.

The bottle candle holder isn't very pretty when not in use, but the water and the clear plastic actually do very pretty things with the candlelight in the dark. With a bit of paint or some ribbon, I think it could look quite nice just sitting around.

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