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The Carnival of Everything Money: First-timer's Edition

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Welcome to the April 28, 2009, edition of the Carnival of Everything Money. There were a ton of entries this week. Here are, in my opinion, the best of the best:

Editor's Picks

Travis presents Money for Time, or Time for Money? | personalwebguide.com posted at Personal Web Guide.

MDT presents A Macro Perspective: One way war keeps poor people poor posted at True Adventures in Money Hacking. A great article from my cohort, MDT.

Rob presents Learn a lesson with the Power Hog posted at Energy Saving Gadgets. Teach your kids a valuable lesson about the cost of energy.


Raj Patel presents Credit Card Industry Providing Credit Help Websites? posted at DebtGoal.

The Dough Roller presents Citi Forward Review posted at The Dough Roller. Citibank has recently launched a new credit card called Forward. Unique in the industry, the card actually rewards members with bonus points and lower interest rates for paying their bills on time and not going over their credit card limit.

Mr Credit Card presents American Express Platinum Card Review posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

apply4-credit presents New to Credit Cards? Here is What You Should Know posted at Apply4-Credit.

CreditCardAssist.com presents Understanding Your Credit Card Account - How APR is Calculated posted at Credit Card Assist.

Destroy Debt presents My Credit Limit Got Lowered Below My Outstanding Balance posted at Destroy Debt.

Credit Shout presents Best Credit Cards For Your Family posted at CreditShout. A well-informed list of Credit Shout's top credit card choices for 2009.

Carnival float in the Blacks and Whites Carniv...Image via Wikipedia


nickel presents How to Get Out of Debt posted at fivecentnickel.com.


Billeater presents Beyond the Basics- Dig Deeper and Save Money posted at Billeater.

Savings Toolbox presents Squeezing More Savings Out Of Your Budget posted at Savings Toolbox.

Alison Storm presents Cell Phone Savings: How to Get Coupons on Your Mobile posted at CheapStingyBargains.com. If sitting down with a pair of scissors and the Sunday paper seems like an antiquated way to save money, then cell phone coupons may be a better way to go.

Vikki Lawrence-Williams presents Money Saver Menu #6: Rice posted at Survival Cooking, Gardening and Emergency Preparedness Info.

Joseph presents How To Save Money When Doing Laundry posted at How to save money.


Steven@hundredgoals.com presents Invest Like Warren Buffett posted at Hundred Goals.

Adam presents How to Trade with Fibonacci Retracements posted at Pimp My Trade--an interesting method, but not one I think I'll try.

Investing School presents OptionsXpress Review posted at Investing School

The Smarter Wallet presents Technical Trading Indicators Predict That The Stock Market Rally Won’t Last posted at The Smarter Wallet.


Brian McKay presents Savings Account Rates posted at MonitorBankRates.comRates on savings accounts, certificate of deposit accounts and mortgages have been going down the past year, this is the result of the economy tanking and the government programs in place that are trying to get the economy going again by lowering rates.

Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents Upromise Review posted at Cash Money Life.


Darwin presents 6 Prudent Uses for your Tax Refund This Year posted at Darwin's Finance. Good, simple advice.

car insurance

Michael presents Which Cars are the Cheapest to Insure? | VitalMotion posted at Vital Motion--a smart consideration for car buyers.

John Russell
presents Auto Insurance Quotes - What If You Wreck Your Car? posted at The Low Cost Auto Insurance Guru. If you are in a minor car accident, should you report it or not?

Steve Faber presents Get a Discount on Your Auto Insurance – You’re Probably Missing a Few | Secrets to Cheap Car Insurance posted at Cheap Car Insurance.

KCLau presents Bad Experience of Car Insurance Claim posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "a story of bad experience with vehicle insurance claim."


Ryan Suenaga presents Thinking About the Economics of Pot Lucks posted at Uncommon Cents.

Tushar Mathur presents How to choose a financial planner posted at Everything Finance, saying, "There's retirement to plan for and college tuition for the kids. Insurance. Estate planning. And, oh, don't forget a wedding for your daughter. If all this sounds familiar, it may be time for you to start shopping around for a financial planner."

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Hapless Home Buyer's Guide posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The Carnival of Everything Money using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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