Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Free car? This is a joke, right?

our brand new car!Image by donandcarol via Flickr

Not a joke, not a scam. A friend at work told me about this program where they give you a brand new car to drive for 2 years--all you have to pay for is gas--they cover insurance and there's no property tax because you don't own it. The car has an ad on it, but who cares? It's free! And you get to choose what kind of car you want and which of their advertisements you want on it. Not a bad deal.

The other option is to let them place an ad (completely removable, no damage) on your own car, and they'll actually pay you. I'm moving fairly soon, but I'm seriously considering taking advantage of this offer after that. I'll keep you guys updated. Apparently you can make around $700/mo, depending on what size ad you choose.

There are a few companies out there--I'm not going to plug any of them, but a Google search should get you what you want to know.

Have you done this or known someone who has? Leave a comment and let us know what you think about it! I'm dying to try it.

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two crows said...

this looked up my alley -- I really like free. =)

but, when I looked at the site you linked and saw it took $29.95 to join, I decided to do some research.

here's a link that goes into more detail:

sadly, it won't work for me. I bought my truck in 2003 -- and it's got 24,000 miles on it [I hate to drive, obviously]. and the companies want their ads to be seen -- so they want people who drive a lot.
back to the drawing board **sigh**

Wren Caulfield said...

Thanks for the link! I hadn't checked into the details much yet, but yeah, of course it makes sense that they want you to drive as much as possible so their ad gets seen. Seems like this kind of thing would be best for people who have to drive long distances or just drive locally often for work, etc.

Lucy P. said...

I was always wondering how you would get into something like that. I'm definitely going to consider this in the future. Money's kinda tight and my current car has issues.

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